Monday, September 29, 2014

God at the laundromat

Sunday morning at 10 am God showed up at Ninth and Main in Jacksonville, Fl. Ninth and Main is the location of a laundromat and several members of a neighborhood church planned to have their church service there that day. There was prayer as those who came to do their laundry and those who came to help joined hands outside and praised God. Communion was shared over muffins and coffee. Singing was heard over the hum of washers and dryers. New friends were seen conversing and praying together. Quarters were dispensed from the church's budget to do the wash. Mounds of clothes were piled next to jugs of detergent. Children were quietly coloring or playing games at a table outside. One or two boys were throwing a football with one of the adults from the church. It was an uncommon way to do church. The people who had come to do their wash were familiar with church rhythms from their past but this kind of church was new to them. They seemed to like it. Several asked questions, shouted thank you's and blessed those who had come to share their Sunday morning drudgery, and, is it possible, to embrace it with joy. It was not a new experience for some from the church, they had done it before. Others, who were uncomfortable at first, soon relaxed in this new routine of worship. If they knew God's presence with them in their church buildings, now they knew He frequents laundromats on Sunday mornings, too.