Thursday, September 4, 2014

The President's prayers

To some people the words President Obama and Christian would never appear in the same sentence unless it was to state that he was not. I have encountered people who believe he might be a Muslim. Some believe he is non-religious or even anti -religious. When I had a meeting a while ago with a professional person about a totally unrelated subject, the President's faith or lack of was suddenly on the table, and before I knew where the conversation was headed, I was in uncharted territory. This person, who was a successful business person and normal in every way, wanted to know if I thought the President was out to destroy America and Christianity -sort of an anti-American, anti-Christ. No, I said, I thought he was a Christian. It was an awkward moment.

Joshua DuBois was a pastor before he began working on President's Obama's election campaign and then worked in the White House as Obama's "pastor in chief". The President wanted him to email him a devotional thought based on a Scripture reading every morning. Some of these readings are compiled in a new book entitled, The President's Devotional. I looked it up on Amazon and sampled some of the entries. It was pretty good and very evangelical. Shouldn't be surprising since the President has spoken at prayer breakfasts and has said that he is a Christian. Some may not agree with  his politics or his priorities for the country but why question his faith? We are supposed to pray for our leaders, especially a brother in Christ who is leading us at a time when we face crises on many fronts. It doesn't matter if we agree or not with his approach to these crises because we are not called to agree but to pray. That is what we can do as we are jarred nearly every day by the latest news. (The reference to Josh DuBois can be followed up in the September issue of Christianity Today.)