Monday, October 13, 2014

A true Sabbath

Up before sunrise for coffee and a walk in the quiet interrupted by birdsong and our whispering;
home and a bowl of oatmeal along with the Sunday newspaper spread out on the table.

Some time not watching the time reading Scripture and a new book on spiritual disciplines;
time to watch the clock and get the Black Hog sausage and buttermilk pancakes ready for the family brunch.

A nap, some reading of Marilynne Robinson's, Lila, just delivered the day before.

Watched the Jags try to play football until it was time to load the car with our dinner contribution to dinner church at The Well, and communion bread.

Down I-10 to Jacksonville -a quick 40 minute drive- pulled up to St John's where we rent space in the evening, tables are being put up and covered, food is arranged potluck style. We pray, we eat, the pastor leads us in prayer, and Scripture. It's a series on Exodus. Tonight, Moses is away with God on a mountain and the people are restless. Aaron collects their gold earrings (men and women!) and has a calf shaped altar built, I guess to represent God in the style of the surrounding culture. What was Aaron to do, the pastor asks? Where was Moses, and God? This would have to do for now. The pastor tells us the word "revel" carries an undertone of mocking. Things have gone south. This is not the Sabbath God intended. What was Aaron thinking? You can please the people and wind up not pleasing God. (it is clear He is not pleased as you read on).

We watch a segment of the Shane Claiborne series, Economy of Love, and talk about it. We pray and a couple lead us in communion. We gather up the leftovers while some take down the tables and put away the chairs, say good-bye, and head west on I-10 to our home. I watch the first few innings of the Giants-Cardinals baseball game and go to bed.