Friday, September 26, 2014

Derek Jeter's legacy

I had a text message from our son when I woke today. He had watched the end of Derek Jeter's final home game at Yankee Stadium. "Classy and clutch", he said. We have been without TV  because we are moving into a new house. I had been trying to watch as many of Jeter's last games this year as I could. I went to and watched the video of Jeter's game winning single and his emotional and graceful exit from Yankee Stadium and into Yankee lore. My son and I share a love of baseball and a love for the Yankees and their captain, Derek Jeter. He arrived with Yankees about the same time my son was starting to play baseball. Jeter became his guy. He played shortstop as Jeter did. He played the game like Jeter, too, with love and passion and respect for the game and his opponents. I remembered one Little League game - it was a regional all-star playoff game - and he was pitching against the ace of the other region. They were both on their game that day and no runs had been scored by either team. It was the bottom of the last inning and the other pitcher, who was their team's best hitter, hit one over the fence. As the batter rounded third for home my son walked off the mound and met him half way down the baseline extending his hand to congratulate him. Classy move. Respect for a game well played. It was Jeter - like. He has been a great role model teaching by example a love for a great game played the right way. There is no greater legacy than kids playing ball in future years, Jeter -like.