Friday, December 25, 2015


In the corner of the downtown parking lot
after we carried out the natural tree from inside (with ornaments falling)
and wheeled out the communion cart
and passed out the liturgy
the priest, Mother Mary, welcomed us.

Father John read the gospel from Luke (you know) for the day, it was four in the afternoon
Christmas Eve, Pastor Susan gave us the Word, One man from the church without walls sang O, Holy Night with a trained voice that was a little cracked and weary. His sneakers were well worn, too. So were his loose fitting jeans. What was his story.

We lit candles from the Christ candle at four in the afternoon. A slight wind blew some out. Wax dripped on the warm day. Silent Night. We broke bread and sipped apple juice. Passed the peace. While children climbed trees and rolled down the hill. Parents watched and lined up to partake. Hugs all around with snacking on cookies and coffee. Bags of food for those on the go. Someone left a box of Bibles and some clothes. Some left on bikes, some in cars and the rest walked back downtown to find a place for supper and the night. Like another Christmas eve long ago when God came in the flesh that gathered us all. God is here. Incarnation.

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