Thursday, December 3, 2015

Another shooting

Another shooting. The guy on NPR said they are becoming commonplace. There is a website that keeps a running total of mass shootings where more than four people died and it shows there is about one a day in the US. That shocks. Stuns. Unless it has become all too familiar. This latest one was in a center that brings social services to the underprivileged of the community. The least of these. It was at a Christmas party. It was carried out by a husband and wife who had just dropped off their six month old daughter at grandma's. They both had good paying jobs. They were not on any terror lists, in fact the husband was born in Illinois to parents of Pakistani background. It makes no sense. There is some evidence he was a disgruntled employee targeting his colleagues. He left the Christmas party angry, people said. But, then he and his wife came back so well armed, it is hard to believe it was an impulsive act. So far 14 have died and at least 21 more are seriously injured. For no reason. The authorities have said the high powered weapons were obtained legally. They were military type assault weapons. Over 300 million  guns in this country. How many assault type weapons? Why is it so easy to get them? Why does the NRA control the debate? The President came out and said what he said last week after Colorado. Enough is enough. That may be true but we need more than words. When the journalists on NPR were asked, will this shooting change the mood in America enough to change the gun laws, they could not say. It never has. It never does. Will another shooting make a difference? Will we get serious about gun violence? I hope and pray we do before another shooting.  I hope enough is enough.

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