Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas lite

Our small church community has no children's Christmas pageant. Mostly because we have few children. We could muster a close up of Joseph and Mary but we would still lack a baby Jesus. We don't have a choir Christmas concert either. It's not because we don't have some good voices but a choir would basically sing to themselves. Each Sunday, some one brings a keyboard or a guitar and leads the singing. We don't have a Christmas Eve service. We meet with another church and partner with the downtown Church Without Walls that draws about a hundred or so homeless people for a Christmas Eve afternoon service at 4 pm. We meet in a parking lot. Last year it poured rain. We are hoping for better weather. Afterward we pass around refreshments. We don't even meet the Sunday after Christmas losing a chance to take advantage of some end of the year giving as I pointed out to the pastor. She said we need a Sabbath. So stay home. I am not sure what to make of this church. It is different from what I have known. I often ended up bone tired after the Christmas Eve service in the churches I pastored over the years. It was a long season of activities from Halloween to Christmas Eve. The week between Christmas and New Years was my favorite week of the year. Somehow I am finding that less is more.

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