Saturday, October 25, 2014


I believe:
in GOD the Creator. life is a gift. every day is a gift. every thing. every one in my life.
in GRACE. God loves us and that includes me and it means He likes me (Brennan Manning).
in GIVING. God gave, God gives, God always will give. He is GIVER.  and so we give.
in JESUS, God's gift to us. He is our Role Model. and teacher and friend/brother.
in the HOLY SPIRIT who makes Jesus real to us and through whom we can say, Abba Father.
in the Church which is the community of the Spirit, an imperfect group of fellow followers of Jesus.
in Stewardship of all God has given which he owns and loans to us. and so we use it in His service.
in Giving in which we are most like God.
in taking care of the environment around me which includes picking up, recycling and the care of animals.
in caring for people/my neighbors in ways I can be a neighbor to them.
in learning of ways I can engage with God's mission in the wider world and engaging.
in Praying. for all of the above and more.
in the Kingdom of God which is here and coming and is not hard to find if we are looking because it is so different from what is normal.
in second chances, not judging, accepting folks as they are, love and kindness, frozen yogurt, chocolate chip cookies, apples, bananas, oatmeal, baseball, biking, books and beer (not in that order and not all at the same time).