Saturday, January 31, 2015

Parenthood finale

Thursday night we watched the finale of Parenthood. For six years we have followed the Braverman family navigate the ups and downs of family life. We have watched the Braverman kids grow up. We have watched cast members come and go. We watched Kristina's struggle with cancer and met a memorable friend she made in the hospital. We watched an amazing young actor by the name of Max Burkholder who played Kristina's and Adam's son, Max. Max, who plays a person diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome in the show, gave new depth and insight to the character every week. Craig Nelson and Bonnie Bedelia were the solid rock grandparents of the family with four kids, spouses and grand kids. We watched their marriage mature through family stress and their own empty nest issues until their love for each other was like a fine, aged, wine. The Braverman's took on interracial dating, damaged soldiers coming back from the Iraq war and dating a member of the family, infidelity, financial downturns; well they took on just about anything a family could face in six years. It was they way they took it on though that made the story such an unforgettable one. We felt like we knew the family or at least we would like to. They became real to us and we laughed and cried each week with them and then talked about the family and ours on our walks together. The drama was real but we did not feel manipulated. It was believable because we had  been through similar struggles. Most importantly, the message was positive and uplifting without being superficial. The Braverman's were a family who stood together through thick and thin times. They might disagree or disappoint but they did not discourage or demean. They were there for each other. Especially at the end. If you are not acquainted with their family let me suggest you watch the finale which was grand and then go back to season one and enjoy the past six years.