Friday, January 23, 2015

And in sports news

The big news in Sports is about deflated balls. It even made NBC news last night. Right up there with the fall of Yemen, the fall of NY Senator Silver and the falling price of oil. In case some one has been living on a remote island without a news source this past week, here is what you need to know. Some one took some of the air out of the footballs used in last Sunday's New England Patriots vs. Indianapolis Colts playoff game. If you watched the game it was obvious that some one took the air out of the Colts. The Patriots would have won with a totally deflated football. So, what is the big deal. The NFL has strict regulations governing how the game is played including how much air needs to be in the football. The game balls for this play off game were found to have been tampered with. Some air was let out of them supposedly because it was wet and Tom Brady, New England quarterback likes his balls a bit on the squishy side. I played quarterback in a time long ago and I can say no one cared whether the balls we played with were squishy or firm or dirty or wet and it wouldn't help to complain because there was only one ball to play with anyway. I doubt it makes much difference whether the football is a bit under inflated or not. But, the Patriots have a reputation for playing fast and lose with the rules. Their coach, who is a stickler for details, said in a press conference - well, he said very little - "I know nothing" ( made me think of that guard in the old tv show Hogan's Heroes and he was about that convincing). Tom Brady came on and said, he laughed at first, "just when you think you've heard everything"...  But, then he took it seriously as we should. Every one on the team knows that he likes his footballs a little less than firm so he can get a better grip. Tom Brady does not say stuff like this if he thinks no one is paying attention. Presumably, some one did. Now I am not saying the Patriots cheated. They did not need to. But, it sure is fun watching a Belichick news conference which should be called a non- news conference. And it takes your mind off Yemen, Silver and Oil.