Monday, September 9, 2013

NFL opens with a bang and a dud

The NFL was in full swing this past weekend. Today the experts will begin breaking down the season and correcting their predictions from the many hours of expert analysis before the games began. Living near Jacksonville, as we do now, I endured weeks of buildup to the new season. The Jags have been pretty bad the past few years but with a new coach, gm and qb, they were supposed to be on the rise. Sure enough, with the game only moments old, they already had two points on the board (they are getting a brand new 65 million dollar Super Board next season).  Up 2-0 the preseason hype was looking solid. Unfortunately, it was the only points they put up all game. They had 11 punts, and their receivers could not catch the ball when their qb had time to throw it. They only made it past their own 36 yard line once! At least their offense should be refreshed for the next game! Their new qb, Blaine Gabbert from Missouri, looked shell shocked. His porous line had him running for his life except he showed he could not run. He is not one of the new breed of read-option qbs - his only option is to drop back to pass and take the sack. Losing 28-2 to the Chiefs who were pretty woeful last year, too, was not a good way to start the season. Well, there is always next year. The stadium looked near empty by the 4th quarter. Shouldn't be a problem getting tickets the rest of the year. Looks to me like, barring injury, it's the 49ers and Packers; Patriots and Broncos fighting it out at the end of the season. 49ers and Broncos in the Super Bowl. That's my best guess. What I know is that the hometown favorites, the Jags, will not be there. They may not even need that new scoreboard. In fact, the money might be better spent on getting some players.