Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Baseball playoffs

So it looks like the Yankees will not make the playoffs this year, only the second time in the past 20 years. You expect them to be there. This year I don't care. For Mariano's sake, I could wish they were but Jeter is out for the rest of the year and perhaps forever and then there is A-Rod who has no business being there, no business at all. Today in the NY Times there was a report about the high profile team of lawyers he has put together to fight his 211 day suspension. The paper said it was costing him thousands a month and he can afford it since he is paid by the Yankees millions per month. If Mo is the class act (and he is, of course, not acting at all) of the Yankees then A-Rod is the act with no class (and he is all act). So, maybe it is good that the Yankees sit out of the playoffs this year. Maybe, A-Rod will be suspended next year, after all the MLB lawyers are no slouches. Maybe, Jeter will be back as DH next year. Maybe, Sabbathia will find his velocity again. Maybe, Girardi will say no to the Cubs. Maybe, the Yankees will find some ballplayers who are hungry for the chance to play the game in their farm leagues. So I will be happy rooting for the A's and the Pirates to make it to the World Series this year. Wouldn't that be just fine.