Friday, February 3, 2012

A Really Good Book on Christian Marriage

 Follow up post to the last one: there is a very good new book on marriage titled Are You Waiting for the One? And subtitled: Cultivating Realistic Positive Expectations for Christian Marriage. It's written by Margaret Kim Peterson and her husband Dwight N. Peterson, both teach at Eastern College in Pennsylvania. They are not celebrity teachers or pastors. The book is not all about sex although chapter six is about sex. The authors are not marketing the book from a bed atop the college administration building. There are no titillating confessions from their past failed sexual experiences. It is simply a very good and wise book about relationships, love, and marriage. It debunks cultural myths about the same and offers good guidance about how to think about these things today. If I were to put one book in the hands of a young couple considering marriage (or not), or recently married (or living together) or any person/couple needing a good book on Christian marriage today, this is the One I would recommend.