Friday, February 3, 2012

No Super Bowl This Year

Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday (is there anyone - in America anyway - who does not know this?). I'm not real good at Roman Numerals so I'm not sure which one this is. But, I do remember Roman Numeral 1. I am that old. I guess I have watched every one of them. Except the one I missed most of when I suddenly came down with the flu. We were at a super bowl party at my bosses house at the time and I threw up most of her specialty snacks. We immediately left the party.  My wife had not learned how to drive our manual shift Toyota yet but she learned quickly because I had to hang my head out the passenger door most of the way home. DVRs were not invented yet so I missed the game. I have not missed many others. Although, I have left before some of the games that were real dogs were over and went out for a walk. I have been to many parties and I have watched some with our sons and I have watched some by myself. My wife does not watch the super bowl. She does not know a touchdown from a home run. She does not even watch the game for the ads which is good because that is a lame reason to watch a football game. But, this year I don't plan to watch the super bowl. Someone asked me at the gym I go to if I was going to watch it and I said No, surprising myself. They guffawed. No one who knew me believed I was serious. I didn't know if I was or not either. But, now after a few days to think it over, I realize I am serious. I'm not sure why I am not going to watch it. I don't know why I have to justify it. I have watched a lot of Roman Numerals so I guess I can take this year off. I don't really like either team all that much and they just played each other a few Roman Numerals back with pretty much the same players and coaches. Tom Brady has had a couple bad playoff games (for him) and the Giants were about the worst team in football at mid season. (If some new team like the 49ers or Ravens were playing or if Tebow was then I might be more interested, I don't know). I am sick of the hype for the past two weeks although I have tried to avoid reading anything about the game. It's still hard to avoid all the chatter and headlines on MSN like Madonna does the Victor Cruz salsa dance or that the huge tight end for the Patriots has big hands - is it newsworthy that really big men who catch passes for a living have big hands. Really.  That's another reason not to watch it though - Madonna is the halftime show. Then there are the ads. If you don't like the game, at least watch it to see the ads and then after the game rate the ads, some people say.  The ads are designed to get us to buy stuff we don't need so why watch them. They cost millions for a super bowl spot. So, that's a lot of stuff they think we are going to buy. Then, there is the food. I don't need to eat any more snack food for the rest of my life. I have sworn off Doritos, and dips and chicken wings. They are not good for me. Even diet coke is not good for me so I have sworn off that too. So, if there is a change in the weather here that lets me get out and walk. I will do that this year. Maybe with my wife who I know won't be glued to the tv.