Monday, January 23, 2017


It's a new day under a new administration and there is a new language to learn.  Beside alt-right, now we have alt-facts. These facts, truth be known, do not have to line up with other facts. That is two facts can be the same but different and yet both true. So, Obama's inaugural crowd can be larger than Trump's while at the same time being smaller. You just have to know if your talking about the facts or the alt-facts. The Woman's March on D.C can be larger than the crowd at Trump's inaugural while at the same time be smaller. Simple math, it's an alt-fact. Alt-facts can come in handy. You many think you know the facts but you don't until you've heard the alt-facts. I think we will be learning a lot about alt-facts in next few years. Kinda fun like a new math.

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