Saturday, July 23, 2016

Revival at the convention

The Republican Convention is over. It was nothing like previous conventions. Part revival with personal testimonies about how Jesus had helped individuals overcome personal obstacles to glitzy entertainment with loud music and bright light displays. Much has been made of the dismal diagnosis of the current state of life in America. We are beset by dangers at our borders and in our government. Where was the hope? It reminded me of the sermons I heard in my youth, Billy Graham style, where the desperate condition of the world was laid out in graphic language only to learn our only hope was in Christ. The end was coming - all the crises we faced were signs of God's judgment which was coming. Save yourselves, Turn to Christ! was the message. Put up your hand, come down the aisle, pray the sinner's prayer, start reading your Bible and praying and you will be saved. The world may go to hell but you will be saved. The Republican Convention had that flavor. Except, the mess we are in was not God's judgment but the Democrat's ineptitude or worse their deliberate attempt to end America as we know it or knew it. This was a convention hearkening back to the the greatness of former days. There were nods to the great spiritual battle between good and evil like when one speaker compared Hillary to Lucifer. That heightened the stakes in this election. It led to calls for Hillary to be bound in prison or even executed. Thus, good will prevail. There was only one hope and that was to turn to the Republican Champion who was the only one who could defeat our Goliaths. He alone could fix things. We weren't told how - these revelations from on high will come at some point we were told. For now, trust and obey. So while the Convention trafficked in revivalism the answer to our problems was only human. God was trumped by the Republican candidate.

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