Sunday, March 13, 2016


Texas pastor is about the only minister not carrying a weapon behind the pulpit on Sundays in a city where ushers carry and deacons carry and anyone can come to church carrying unless the church specifically prohibits it in writing at the doorways.  Pastor says we look at guests warily as if they are a threat to us. (Christian Century) Could give new meaning to church fights and the pastor shooting from the hip during a sermon. I wonder if giving will go up when ushers packing heat take the offering?

Seen at recent Trump rallies: the heil hitler salute, fighting and protesters being manhandled by burly security forces while Trump looks on encouragingly.

Trump states Islam hates the west.

Rubio roots for Kasich in Ohio to block Trump momentum.

Florida legislature passes bill protecting pastors from having to perform gay marriages. What about second, third or fourth marriages or bad marriages or shotgun marriages?

Florida passes a bill allowing parents to transfer their children to out of county schools and another bill allowing athletes who transfer to be immediately eligible to play sports in the new school and another bill requiring stricter violations for coaches who recruit athletes out of their district. (any one see a problem here)

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