Thursday, September 17, 2015

Yesterday's presidential debate

I watched the Republican debate last night. About half an hour of it. I turned it off when John Kasich said viewers were getting ready to turn us off due to lack of substance. I agreed.

When Mike Huckabee (I have to smile when I see his book selling at Walmart: God, Grits and Guns. Sums him up.) said some nice things about his opponents and said he would be proud to have all of them serving in the cabinet of a Huckabee administration it got me thinking after I stopped shivering.

Rand Paul queried whether Donald Trump was acting like a junior high boy with his name calling and insults and general bullying behavior. He is like a bully. I thought of some bullies in junior high. They were bigger, kind of towering over you, and braggarts. They could talk a good game and not very many kids challenged them. Trump is a big guy and even though Jeb is about as tall, he seemed smaller next to Donald. Jeb, standing next to him, looked small and meek.  No way Jeb could take Donald down.  It was hard to get a word in when Bully Donald was talking and he just talked over people, as if they didn't matter, if he had to. He bragged he was the best, the richest, and could talk any one into seeing things his way. If not, he would just beat you up. I wondered what the other candidates might have been like in junior high.

Rand Paul (named after Ayn Rand?) was like the nerdy science student who always had the best science project because his parents wanted him to and helped him out.

Chris Christie was the chubby kid who got humiliated in so many ways in gym class but who made it up by being funny and telling the best dirty jokes.

No one saw Ben Carson becoming a great doctor in junior high.  He was the nicest kid in the class. That's what parents said, You know he is really a nice kid as if there was some reason he wouldn't be. He hated politics though and wouldn't run for class president even though he might have won.

Scott Walker was the kid you really couldn't remember what he was like when you looked at the class yearbook ten years later.

John Kasich was the kid who was a good student. He was president of his church youth group where  his dad was pastor. But, he was Lutheran or some other foreign religion like that that no one really knew what it stood for. He wore a "I like Mother Theresa" pin. No one knew who that was either.  So he was nice but a little out there and so he was not invited to too many birthday parties. He did ok later in life as a politician.  Who knew?

Mike Huckabee was like the kid who wanted to be water boy on the football team just because he liked to be around the cool guys. He was always sticking up for the guys who got in trouble. He carried his Bible to school and liked to ask guys if they knew Jesus. Most of the kids went to church and didn't get what his problem was.

Jeb was the kid who was always well dressed in the latest fashion. He loved to talk and most of the time he would agree with whatever you said. His older brother was a good athlete and popular so Jeb had a hard time standing out.

Marco Rubio was like the kid whose parents came from some mysterious place. He could speak Spanish and he was a good soccer player. Trouble was no one played soccer at his school. It was all American football.

Ted Cruz was the kid who was always stirring things up. He wanted soda served for lunch. He wanted the lunch room ladies to let us switch tables at lunch. He even went to the principal to complain about how things were done wrong in school. If I ran the school..... he would say. Nobody really liked him but it was cool when we got to have soda at lunch.

In junior high boys talked about girls a lot but they didn't talk to girls much. Especially some one like Carly Fiorina. She was the smartest girl in the class and no boy could get close to her. She looked older and acted like a high school kid. She was way more mature than the boys were. She was just about the only kid in the school who would take Bully Boy Donald on. Because she could and she won. She was class president. No contest

Ahh...junior high! Seems like yesterday.

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