Thursday, July 23, 2015

Trumps card

I was shaking my head over the whole Donald Trump leading in the polls news feed and wondering what are Republicans thinking. Today on NPR's Diane Rehm show some pundits said it was plausible Trump might actually win the nomination or run on a third party ticket. Scary thought: President Donald Trump. I told my wife we better make plans to move to Mexico if that happened! What are Christians thinking? Here is a caricature of the Rich Fool in the Bible, a supreme egotist. Who has been married many times which matters because Jesus actually said something about that. Not to mention greed. Trump admitted he mostly leaves God out of his life. At least, he tells the truth sometimes.

Anyway on the NPR show, one of the pundits said that any one running for President has to have a big ego to think that he would be the best choice for America to run the country for the next four years. Trump is only saying what everyone else is thinking about himself.

True. Compared to the Bible, we don't pick our candidates for leaders like God does. Think King David, who his own father did not think was leader material when Samuel came looking. Or Moses who mostly begged off the assignment God had for him. Then, there were several of the Judges, leaders, who would rather not have been. The prophets like Jonah who fled rather than lead. Paul who was leading but in the wrong direction before God intervened.

Jesus. The Messiah. We never would have nominated him for King. If he had an ego he left it in heaven, taking the form of a servant, calling his followers to do the same.

It is too much to hope that any of the presidential candidates will be like Jesus. He wouldn't be electable if he or she was. Anyway the coming debates are the new reality shows for the fall tv season. It is entertainment. Trump will drive ratings to new highs. Sell Murdoch's papers even though he claims to dislike Trump he likes to sell the news about Trump. Fox will trump CNN or MSNBC. Limbaugh will add listeners.

While this sideshow is going on, what do you and I do? Pray, Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven. And practice humility in humble act of service where we are. AMEN

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