Friday, April 10, 2015

NY Yankees "old" edition for 2015

I had my first chance to watch the new "improved" Yankees the other night. NY, I hardly knew ya! Tanaka pitched, it was opening day, and he was underwhelming. Once the batters figured out he couldn't throw a fastball they weren't tempted by his split. Pineda pitched the next game and looked good but the offense did not. Sabbathia pitched game three and whatever he did over the offseason to rehab didn't look like it helped. Jeter is gone and so is Mariano. While NY came up with the money to get Beltran and McCann, they let Cano go and he was better than any one they have now. Who is that on second and at shortstop? And they have a couple of Red Sox in the starting lineup? And a Padre at third? What is going on? Do I even have to bring up A Rod who looks to be their offense thus far. Oh, and there is Gardner in left field, who is good but no one who can carry the team on his back. Pitching is suspect except for Pineda and a couple of relievers. And they are going to need a bullpen. But who is going to score any runs? My money is not on Texiera. I hope I'm wrong but there won't be a lot to cheer for with A Rod leading the team, Gardner leading in home runs and Pineda the ace of the staff. I like Girardi and I don't long for the days of Martin but I heard Bobby V was just down the road in Fairfield, Conn. Maybe he can light a fire...

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