Friday, March 13, 2015

Lenten reading

Luke 22:63-23:12
Jesus is put on trial before religious authorities, local and national authorities and international and global authorities. He is condemned by all these earthy powers. Even the people condemn him. Given this antipathy between earthly powers, including the will of the people, and the rule of Jesus and the kingdom of God, is it likely that Christianity can ever be embraced by all governments and all peoples? Is it ever an authentic Christianity once it becomes a popular movement? Or is something lost once it becomes so dominant a force it emerges as an earthly authority like all the rest? It may be that the Christian faith is most true to its founder and his spirituality when it is in the minority and has nothing to gain but the cross." (Murray Andrew Pura)

Have you heard the story about the guy who is walking down the street but who suddenly falls into this deep hole he did not see? The hole is deep, the walls are steep. A psychiatrist walks by and the guy calls out, "Hey Doc, can you help me here?" The doctor writes a prescription for Lexapro and throws it into the hole. A priest happens by next and the guy calls out, "Hey Father, can you help me out here?" The priest writes a prayer and tosses it down into the hole. Then, the guys best friend comes by, sees his friend down in the hole and immediately jumps in. "What did you do that for?" the guy asks. "Now we are both stuck." "Nah," the friend says, "I've been down here before and I know the way out."

There are lots of deep holes to fall into in this life and most likely we will end up in a six foot deep one in a cemetery somewhere. It's good to have a friend who has been there and knows the way out. That's what we call Easter. (from Scott Hoezee)

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