Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines day

The movie everyone is talking about based on the books everyone talked about is out for Valentines Day. The buzz is that tickets are selling fast especially in the Bible Belt! The books sold millions of copies even though it was uniformly reviewed as bad writing and the movie's script is no better. But then I guess if you go to the movie it is not for the well crafted dialogue. The scene that is mentioned in reviews and shown on film clips is one in which the woman is tied up, handcuffed and blindfolded for the entertainment of her love interest. Love means never having to look your valentine in the eyes when you say I Love You!

Yesterday as we shopped at Winn Dixie after returning from a long trip up north we checked out behind a man who knew how to treat his valentine right - the old fashioned way. He was no billionaire by the looks of him. Yet he shelled out big bucks for the roses, chocolates and wine. Something to go along with I Love You and I bet they gazed into each other's eyes as they sipped the wine together.

I hope you take some time this Valentine's Day to be with the one you love. Take a walk together, talk together over a glass of wine or cup of coffee and look deeply into each others eyes and say I Love You.