Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mating season

This is mating season in Northern Florida. The love bugs are back clinging to each other in a slow motion aerial mating dance. All manner of lizards, toads, frogs and other as yet unknown reptiles or insects are making a lot of noise at night, and keeping me awake, following their mating rituals. From the sound of it they are making out quite well without the help of (pun intended). At least this year we are not freaking out by the sight of those small black flying insects locked in the doomed embrace of spring. And we are not ready to call 911 when a lizard slithers in while the front door is open. They are dang hard to catch and when you swat at them you might break off their tail but the main body keeps right on going. In a few days they turn up dead and dried out under a chair or sofa. After a winter with temps in the 60's to 70's and cool night air which might actually fall below 32 once or twice, the locals are glad for spring (it was brutal this winter one man told me). But, now the trees and bushes are in full flower with the sweet smell of honeyesuckle in the air. Couples are walking hand in hand, heads bobbing side to side, avoiding those crazy bugs so drunk with love they don't much care where they are going or what they are running into.