Monday, August 5, 2013

Sad state of pro sports

Is professional sports getting you down? The media is in a feeding frenzy with all the negative news and there is a lot of it. A-Rod leads the list of villains but there are the other baseball stars suspended for PEDs today, and there are the other bad guys disciplined for language, or dui's and worse. Those negatives grab the headlines today. Used to be you looked at the sports news to check a score or a stat but today the 24 hour news coverage needs constant feeding to keep going. It's enough to make even the most loyal sports fan cynical. And it's not only professional sports, did you see the NY Times article on the University of Nike out in Oregon? Major college sports athletes are no longer student - athletes like their schools refer to them. They are moneymaking employees of those huge institutions. And they are not paid. Sure, they get a college education but if they are going pro they don't need it and many of them don't stay in school to graduate. They bring millions of dollars to their schools and they should be paid for it. There would be no U. of Nike without them. Some schools might even concentrate on spending more to train teachers or something. Sports is still great although since moving to Northern Florida where Football Season is heating up, there's a sign up, just to get in line, to have a chance, to buy seasons tickets for the local high school football season!  No more paying 5 bucks to sit or stand where you want like I am used to. I am taking a break from ESPN, and SI, Fox and MNF, and SNF and College Game Day. I may see if I can get a ticket to a local high school game on a Friday night. Or, go into Jacksonville and catch a local minor league game. Our grandson is on the swim team at the local YMCA and from the looks of things none of the performances are enhanced and no one is making a lot of money swimming or coaching. It's a nice break.