Monday, June 24, 2013

Visible Christianity

After 14 years in Alaska I feel like I have moved to a foreign country here in Northern Florida. It's not only the heat which is in the nineties every day. Sometimes I don't understand the local dialect. Yesterday in church we sang there is powa in the blood. Fortunately I was familiar with that hymn. "D"s slide off the ends of words. Jesus healed a cripple and disable man. I have to listen carefully. Local expressions strike me as unusual but they make the point. One of the tech guys for the local phone company told me he had a "herd of ten young uns". That would be quite a herd alright. There are churches all over here. The library even has a room dedicated to Christian fiction. It's right next to the romance novel room. I've noticed several homes even have the Ten Commandments posted in their front yards.  For some reason that is not inviting. This is revival season here; many churches have them scheduled. It's never been clear to me how you do that - put the Holy Spirit on your schedule. Christianity is very visible in this part of the country. But I'm going to look around for what  God is doing.