Friday, April 12, 2013

Basketball and Bibles

 I need to follow up on a couple themes from previous blog posts. Predictably, the coach at Florida Gulf Coast - the team that surprised everyone with two wins in the NCAA tournament and did it with such an enthusiastic style that it was a joy to watch - took leave of team and school and headed for "Bigtime" college basketball. Using his brief success as springboard, Enfield leaped to USC almost immediately after losing his last game in the tournament. Leaving his team and school on the Florida Gulf coast which he absolutely loved just a few days before he packed his bags for the West Coast. His kids, of course, will stay and play for the new guy. Just one more coach living his dream off the talents of some gifted players. Not to be overlooked are the players who actually hit the three point shots and slammed the dunks - they made his coaching look better than it was. Prediction: he should have stayed on the Gulf Coast!

The Bible on TV is out on DVD now. Someone was asking me if I had a copy yet. He told me about the sword fight between Moses and Pharaoh which left a scar on Pharaoh's face or was it Moses' face. I forget. I had to admit I missed that in the Bible. I guess you have to read between the lines, or the chapters, or just put whatever you want in there to make it read the way you want it. I didn't think it was a bad story the way it was. No, I told him I didn't get a copy of the Bible on TV out on DVD. I already have a copy of the Bible.