Monday, March 25, 2013


Well by now anyone who watches even a little bit of college basketball, or lives with someone who does, has heard of the university called Florida Gulf Coast. It has only been in the NCAA two years but it sounds like it's no fluke that it's making a splash in the NCAA tournament. It was built for basketball! And it looks it. Not just the brand new arena on campus but the team. They are athletic and playing loose and with great team chemistry. While the other highly touted teams like Georgetown (who FLGC humiliated) and Wisconsin, and Gonzaga have looked tight, and flat and not ready to for prime time, FLGC looks like they were made for this stage. While the other Big Ten and Big East and Big Everythings play a kind of grind it out, defensive game with more contact than football, FLGC is putting the Fun back in basketball with their high flying dunks and and beautiful passing and great shooting from all over the court. Did I say they were loose - and confident bordering on arrogance. They know what they are doing. From locker room pep talks to high fiving Reggie Miller courtside after the game to celebrating with their coach, it's a pleasure to see instead of coaches scowling, and riding the refs, and yelling at players, and throwing tantrums. Maybe there is a reason FLGC looks like they are having fun. They are! And so are we as we get to watch.