Thursday, January 31, 2013

Super bowl distractions

It must be Super Bowl Sunday again because the media blitz is 24/7. We have learned superstar linebacker Ray Lewis may have used a banned substance found on deer antlers to speed up his recovery from a torn bicep ( I have passed every test Lewis protested. Hmm where have we heard that before?). QB Alex Smith who was playing well and then lost his job when he had a concussion is taking his demotion for telling the truth and losing his starting job like a good sport. While, his supersub named Kaepernick is trying to patent the "Kaepernicking" position which is similiar to "Tebowing" only with a biceps kiss rather than a posture of prayer which is assumed after a superplay. Some of the hard hitters among the massive lineman and muscled linebackers have been asked about their feelings on the accumulating evidence of concussions on their long term health. Acknowledging the growing possibility  of early onset dementia or depression or both, most said, "we know what we signed up for", or "whatever happens is worth it for the opportunity to play in the NFL" or "I am ok with it but I don't think I will let my son play football" (this from Bernard Pollard who routinely knocks some opposing player into next week during a game).There have been new or renewed revelations of past indiscretions of current and former players. We learned the happily married with six kids (so he said) former superstar QB Dan Marino fathered a child out of wedlock in 2005. Dan will be one of the many CBS commentators on Sunday's game. And the list goes on. Somewhere in the midst of the media blitz which digs up all the dirt it can find there will be a game. But with all the commercials and commentary and concussions I'm thinking there have to be better options for spending a Sunday afternoon (here in AK the game starts at 2:30pm).