Friday, August 24, 2012

Good Idea!

Just got wind of a new thing Rob Bell is up to (he wrote Love Wins and was the teaching pastor of Mars Hill Church in Grand Rapids, MI). He left the church almost a year ago to devote himself to new projects. One of those projects is a chance for 90 people to spend 2 days with him in So. Ca. He is offering 2 of these 2 day events in October. The cost of the 2 full days with Bell is $500. Then there is a hotel fee of $175 and meals and transportation. So, let's see, for me it would be around $2,000, for 2 days with Rob Bell. Could have gone to his church and heard him speak for free! Not a bad gig. Guy has to eat. On his website, Bell explains why he is doing these events. Because, every so often we need to drop what we are doing, step out of our routine, breathe in some fresh air, and be reminded that we signed up for a revolution! He's right. I think I will drive out the road 40 miles or so, get a cabin for a night, bring my Bible, and journal and another good book, leave my devices at home - and save myself about $1800!