Thursday, July 14, 2011

MLB Almost Allstar Game

I watched half of the MLB allstar game this week. It was like an "almost" allstar game because so many of the real allstars did not show up. Some were injured, although, the fan questions how injured, really. Some were pitchers who pitched the weekend before and so were not available to pitch. If the allstar game really mattered maybe, the fan wonders, if the allstar pitchers should be held back so they could appear in the game this is supposed to be for the fans. Then, there are those allstars who felt like they needed the rest more than the allstar game needed them. Derek Jeter was one of those allstars. He said he was emotionally and physically drained from his pursuit of the milestone of 3000 hits which he reached the weekend before the allstar game. At this halfway point in the season, most of the ballplayers could use a three day rest. Jeter among them. It is a grind to play this game almost every day. But, it is a game. It is not life. It is not as emotionally stressful as serving in Iraq, or in one of our public schools. It is not as tiring as working construction all day. It is not as vital to our communities as fighting fires or keeping the streets safe. And the ballplayers are paid very, very well for their labors. Especially the allstars. On top of Jeter's salary which is mega millions he is autographing baseballs and shirts, and bats commemorating his 3000 hit milestone. An autographed bat will set the fan back $1100. Not blaming Jeter. Fans want the merchandise so there is a market for it. Just saying ballplayers are well compensated for their work.

If the players feel like it is too much to show up for an allstar game and they need rest more showing up for one more game, then why doesn't MLB just have a three day interlude in the season. It's a joke and an insult to the fan to watch an allstar game with "almost" allstars.