Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Xtreme Fighting - coming to a church near you!

File this under just when you thought you had seen it all. Article in the NY Times today about evangelical churches getting into mixed martial arts. It is seen as a way to reach troubled young men who are not typically part of the church. It is also seen as a way to correct the mistakes of the recent past where the church has raised a bunch of pansies, ie, men who don't know how to be men and the true leaders of their households. Enough of women taking over men's responsibilities! We need real men and not just women and children in our churches. James Dobson's 39 year old son is a pastor in Seattle who heads up one of these "fight clubs" in his church. Young men are trained in the "blood sport" and then they attend the battles together. Jesus is a fighter! Jesus does not tap out! Well I guess, Jesus can be whatever you want him to be, but I thought that was called an idol. What you make Jesus out to be to reach others will be who they need him to be. What happens if you lose, or get beat up? What happens if you beat someone else senseless? Must be God's will, huh. Geesh, how can we help a world in crisis when the church is in such a mess.