Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Haiti Update

Another good source of info from the field is Kristy is an ABC International Ministries nurse at La Romana Good Samaritan Hospital in the Dominican Republic ( Tim and Matt and I were there just weeks before we moved to Kodiak). She is with a team of 80 people including many medical professionals who just arrived in Haiti.

News from our friends (Haitifamily - find them on facebook) is encouraging. There does seem to be order in their part of Port-au -Prince. Locals are stepping up and providing leadership. They have water from wells. They spend most of the day walking around trying to help. Many, many medical needs and very few trained medical people. Most people are living in yards. Homes are gone. Their church is gone but they are feeding and caring for over 1500 people. This scenario is common. They need a vehicle, all theirs were destroyed in the quake. They report that the community is coming together as never before. Pray.

Compassion has regular updates and a blog at their site. If you sponsor a child in Haiti, they will let you know his or her status as they know. The child we sponsor is still unaccounted for.

Many places to give to and pray for.

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